Secure Video For Online Therapy

Secure, high definition video from Any device

Secure, High Definition from any Device

Patients can join an online video session with their therapist anytime, anywhere.

In a few years, Therapists might see 40 to 100 percent of their clients online. Online sessions require a bit of practice and discipline to make the sessions effective. Our secure video platform integrated with the most comprehensive practice management software is the first to market. A single platform for Therapists that want to transition to TeleMental Health services. Our extensive library of online assessments, treatment planner, progress notes, electronic billing and mobile apps with embedded secure video make it easy to offer Online Therapy services.

Main Benefits

Security - Encrypted End-to-End

TSecureVideo is designed from the ground up to provide a secure end-to-end encrypted video connectivity for HIPAA compliance and personal privacy of information exchanged between the Therapist and the Client.

End-User - the Client/Patient

What makes TSecureVideo the most user friendly secure video solution for Online Therapy is the fact that the client can be on a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop with Chrome browser with no additional software 

Host - the Therapist

The Therapist schedules a session on the calendar and invites the client to join the session. The Therapist is assigned a unique pin number that identifies them as the host.

Infrastructure - the Cloud

TSecureVideo uses a cloud based, hosted infrastructure. The servers provide the switching fabric that enables one to one and one to many simultaneous video streams. 

The Best eMR for mental health with integrated secure video

Just ten years ago it was impossible to convince a Therapist to upload all their patient data to a server in the cloud. Today almost all of the PC based software for mental health professionals has been replaced by online versions of the software.

Our MyTherapist mobile app makes it easy to get paid for online sessions using the integrated credit card processing.


Therasoft Calendar with integrated Secure Video Schedule an online session and automatically send an invitation to your client. To start a session, simply click on the secure video icon on the calendar.

Your patient can join the session from their desktop, laptop or even a smartphone by clicking on the link provided in the invitation. You can purchase sessions at $1 per session or you can also get a dedicated virtual room with unlimited sessions for only $49 per month.

Do you have a support team?

Yes, Therasoft® has a dedicated support team with over 24 years of experience. Additionally, we our support portal has a library of knowledge based articles and videos to help you with anything you need. If you are not able to find the answer you need, you can submit a support ticket and one of our support staff fix the issue as soon as possible.

Is Therasoft® practice management for mental health hard to use?

We will have several Therasoft® trainings to teach everything you need to know about the program. Additionally, we have videos and knowledge based articles in our support portal to reference any questions you have.

What equipment do you need for online therapy and is it provided?

For an online therapy session, there are several components needed:

  • Computer
  • Webcam
  • Mic
  • Internet Connection
  • Therasoft® Practice Management Software for Mental Health

We offer a bundle deal that includes everything needed to run your practice for both in-person and online therapy sessions. Additionally, our bundle offer includes the Therasoft® suite from the practice management to billing to marketing.

Can I host video telehealth sessions with Therasoft®?

Absolutely, all one needs to do is click the link to enter the video call. Those who bought the Therasoft® bundle will have an HD web camera with an integrated mic.

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